grey cashmere scarf
Sarah, Nigel and Indy


Ever since we met, 12 years ago, travel has been our constant. It's an escape, a joy and a privilege to travel to interesting and beautiful places and find hidden gems off the beaten track. 


In 2018 we took a year out and went on a road trip around Europe with our dog.  We chucked in a cashmere blanket and a couple of wraps as thought they 'might come in handy'. Fast forward two years and that blanket was the most coveted item on the trip (and is still on our sofa today) and those wraps did more jobs than us in our twenties! So it's really from our own travels that Take Me With You was born. 

Our aim is to build a capsule collection for like minded people - expanding our range of one-bag-wonders until we have a complete cabin bag full of multi-functional must haves. 

Our products are for anyone who loves to travel but wants to take just a little piece of luxury along for the ride. After all, who wants to use the airline blanket.... or have that nap under a towel when you could be wrapped in cashmere?!

Sarah & Nigel