We started with travel wraps and cashmere blankets as the most tried and tested items in our suitcase. Wraps have become scarves, cover-ups and nap-covers and that blanket has saved the day more times than we can remember!

Our cashmere is sourced from Nepal where an Everest obsession lead us to a beautiful product. 


Like all things you can always find someone cheaper or quicker, but it was important to choose someone who shared our values. This small production facility still uses hand as well as machine weaving and a percentage of each sale goes back into community projects in Nepal. 

Our 'natural cashmere'  has not undergone multiple washings or treatments prior to sale to enhance softness. The lighter colours are already super soft, and the darker dyes give the fabric a slightly heavier feel that is no less comforting. 

While every effort is made to understand exactly what does into each item, the weaving process can occasionally pick up wool, silk or other fibres in very small quantities (around 5-10%) in some garments. 

We also believe in fair pricing. We would much rather sell fairly and buy more from our suppliers keeping everyone in the chain happy. 

We're proud of our products and use beautiful original imagery thanks  to our fantastic photographer who has shot our products in Jordan, Uzbekistan, Lisbon, London and Malta. 

Cashmere travel wrap Uzbekistan
Blue cashmere wrap uzbekistan